Tesla PowerWall 2 – the game changer

Tesla PowerWall 2 – the game changer

Following the success of Tesla’s first generation Powerwall, Tesla engineers have been busy redesigning and upgrading their home battery to include a built-in AC inverter and to deliver increased power, 3KW to 5KW and more than double the energy capacity, 6.4kWh to 13.5kWh, all within a smaller, sleeker casing.

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The Tesla Powerwall 2 remains a natural addition to households with solar PV, however the AC coupling and increased capacity makes it viable for time shifting consumption with tariffs offering cheap night rate electricity which can charge your Powerwall 2 ready for discharge during the more expensive evening peak. Time of Use tariffs will soon become standard, discouraging excessive peak rate consumption with high prices, following the rollout of smart meters, and are available today to the benefit of those able to cut their peak demand, See Green Energy’s TIDE tariff.

There are many potential causes of power outages from severe weather and demand overload to faults at any stage across the power generation and distribution network. If this is a concern to you, the Powerwall 2, installed with an optional back-up gateway, can be configured to provide back-up power to run lights, the internet, phones, and other essential equipment during even extended outages. This, together with the child and pet-friendly touch safe operation, a comprehensive battery safety and management system and a ten-year unlimited cycle warranty will give Powerwall 2 owners unparalleled functionality, flexibility and peace of mind.

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Wall or floor mountable, the Powerwall 2 has an operating temperature range of -20 degrees to + 50 degrees C, and can be installed either inside or outside. It has one of the lowest lifetime operating costs per kWh stored and is scalable, with the ability to stack up to 10 units together for large domestic and small commercial applications.

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Whether you’re considering a home battery to increase solar self-consumption, as a back-up power supply, or to save money through time-shifting on a time of use tariff, call POWERi today and ask about the Tesla Powerwall 2.

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