Renewable Energy - The Quiet Revolution


You probably won’t have noticed, but the world has changed. For over 100 years coal, oil and gas have powered our world but that way of life is dying.

Fear of Climate Change was where it began. That led people to invest in solar, wind and biomass energy like never before, but now that investment has reached a tipping point and unlocked economic changes across the world that are revolutionising the way that energy is used and generated forever.

Renewable energy generation and storage technology is taking advantage of the same technological developments as information technology, and is developing at the same rate. In 2015 there was more renewable energy generation capacity installed worldwide than all other generation combined. Across the world, investors are taking their money out of fossil fuels and putting it into renewable energy at an unprecedented rate and the fossil fuel business model just doesn’t work any more.

Poweri services is at the forefront of this energy revolution in the UK. Promoting the use of solar PV, battery storage and electric vehicles we are helping homes and businesses take advantage of this quiet revolution and changing the way we power our lives in the 21st century.

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