Being Clean & Green - Can you do your bit and still make money?

As you may have noticed a climate crisis has been declared and the last 100 years or so of pollution has had a noticeable effect on our planet, living conditions and the wildlife.

This prompted a large-scale investment into renewable technology and the good news is that this has driven down solar panel prices and hardware costs. This means that even without the old Feed-in Tariff from the Government a correctly sized solar system gives the same value for money and return as it used to before. In combination with other technology such as hot water power-diverters, car chargers and batteries we can help you to use and store what you produce in order to maximise your value for money.

With personal savings making a low single figure returns the potential for 10-15% ROI back from a solar system is quite attractive. With the added benefit of knowing that you are offsetting your carbon footprint and doing your bit for the environment.

Poweri Services is at the leading edge of this technology and we design integrated systems of solar, battery, hot water & electric car charging infrastructure for homes (and businesses). Making sure that the lifestyle we all want to live does not affect the legacy that we leave our children.

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