Battery Storage

Take a step closer to complete energy independence

Battery Systems

Solar panels generate most of their energy during the day when a lotĀ of us are at work but we the use most electricity in the mornings and evenings when solar output is fairly low.

Installing a battery system stores the spare solar electricity from the day for use at night when you need it, which means you use more of your own free solar electricity and have to buy even less.

Why be held ransom by the big 6 energy companies when you can simply generate your own energy and use it when you need it?

Battery technology is developing rapidly thanks to cutting edge electric vehicles such as the Tesla, combine this with monitoring and other smart devices and you can really drive down your costs.

Battery storage technology can even be used without Solar generation. Now that Smart meters are being installed across the country, you can charge up your battery from very cheap energy at night, and then use that energy in the day when it’s much more expensive.

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