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Tesla PowerPack, Commercial and Utility Energy Storage System

Powerpack, Tesla’s commercial and utility energy storage system, enables businesses and government entities to take control of their energy costs. Powerpack integrates seamlessly with solar to store surplus clean energy when it is available, and shift building loads from the grid to Powerpack when demand is high



Powerpack Benefits:

• Reduce peak demand charges

• Generate new revenue streams from grid services and demand response programs

• Maximize consumption of on-site renewable power

• Reliable, backup power during a grid outage

• Secure predictable, long-term energy rates





Powerpack Technology

The Tesla Powerpack is a fully integrated AC-connected energy storage system, which includes lithium-ion battery units, bi-directional inverters, and monitoring and control software. The system was designed to be modular and scalable from 170 kWh to 100MWh plus.



Powerpack Visual Assets Powerpack’s unique design delivers superior value through flexibility, efficiency, performance and safety. Key advantages include:

• All-in-one: Tesla’s Powerpack is a fully-integrated, AC-connected energy storage system with everything needed to connect to a building. It dramatically simplifies installation, integration, and future support.

• Flexible: Powerpack systems scale to the space, power and energy requirements of any site.

• Intelligent Software: Powerpack systems have the most advanced battery technology and dispatch optimization software to quickly learn and predict a facility’s energy patterns.

• Enhanced Safety: Powerpack’s battery architecture consists of a low voltage battery with a DC/DC converter for added electrical isolation and safety. It also has an integrated liquid cooling/heating system for thermal safety and enhanced performance and reliability.

• Optimized Design: Powerpack systems are designed for outdoor use in any environment. The system is protected against ice, salt spray, dust, rain, and humidity for the lifetime of the system.

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Customer Reviews

First Tesla PowerPack Installation in Europe on behalf of Camborne Energy Storage.

Camborne, a UK-based developer of large-scale energy storage projects, is pleased to be installing the very first grid scale Tesla Powerpacks in Europe. With the recent arrival of the batteries to a site in Somerset, Camborne are collocating them with a ground mounted solar PV site.

The Tesla Powerpacks, installed by EPC Poweri Services, have been produced specifically to operate and integrate seamlessly with the solar PV site, optimising the existing assets and providing ancillary services to National Grid. Dan Taylor, Managing Director of Camborne, said, “The development of Tesla’s first European grid-tied system is an exciting step forward for Camborne and Tesla in terms of our respective storage strategies. This project is another success for storage development in the UK and being co-located with a renewable generation site, should offer significant benefits to all stakeholders.”

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