Coakham Farm

Coakham Farm

Project Headlines
System Size249.895kWp
LocationEdenbridge, Kent
Number of PV panels943 X Jinko JKM265P-60
Inverters10 X SMA Sunny TriPower
Annual Yield201720 kWh
Annual CO2 savings105826 Kg


In May 2014 Poweri Services were approached about being an electrical and solar PV design consultant for an eco-friendly renovation and expansion project being undertaken at Coakham Farm in Kent. The site at the time comprised 4 houses and various old farm buildings.

The owners of the site, the Green Family, wanted to expand and update the capacity of the farm services on the site, and to provide as much of the heat and power for the site as possible from environmentally friendly sources as well as building their own home there.

Initially, Poweri Services were helping to design and specify the new 250kWp solar PV system at the site, as well as the comprehensive electrical re-fit involving a replacement substation and conversion of all of the individual electricity supplies onto one private supply helping to driver better energy monitoring and efficiency across the site.

Ultimately Poweri Services also tendered for and won the installation works contracts for both the Solar PV system and the Electrical re-fit.

We have worked over the course of around 12 months alongside various other contractors including the companies building the new house, the new farm buildings, installing the biomass fuelled district heating system and the comprehensive monitoring and control systems used across the site.

Power Services have in the course of this project:-

  • Designed and installed the new private supply electricity network for the 5 houses and the various farm buildings, with sub-metering across the site
  • Co-ordinated the local DNO and metering companies to change the old 150KVA substation for the new 800KVA one with minimal site down time
  • Designed and installed the 250KWp solar PV system which will (Net) provide the bulk of the electrical energy required by the site over the course of the year
  • Installed the hardware for the KNX control systems that now oversee and co-ordinate the energy usage for the whole site

Installed a comprehensive Lighting and surge protection system across the site

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Coakham Farm Coakham Farm Coakham Farm

Testimonial from Customer

Written By: Mr & Mrs Green - Coakham Farm

Poweri have been incredibly professional in the way they have undertaken this project.  They have delivered in a timely way throughout  duration of the project, keeping to their original budget.  Poweri worked very well with all the other contractors on site and they have supported us enormously with all the OFGEM paperwork.  The project was a huge project for us, but we always knew we could rely on Poweri, particularly at critical points.