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Engineering & Consultancy Services

Here at Poweri Services we’ve been providing engineering and consultancy services to the Electrical and Renewable Energy industries for years and have a wealth of experience to help you deliver your project.

We work with a range of clients, including contractors, developers, investors, building owners, landowners and maintenance providers.

Some of the services that we offer are below, but we offer a tailored service to suit your needs and nothing beats a conversation to find out what those needs are, so why not give our team a call today.

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  • Offsite Feasibility Studies

    If you’re considering investing in renewable energy technologies, getting your business ready for Electric Vehicles or thinking about converting to LED lighting, you’ll probably want to have a high level look at the opportunities without expending a lot of effort, just to see if it looks feasible.

    We offer a low cost feasibility study service where, by gathering some basic information about you and your site we’ll be able to tell you if your ideas are likely to stack up.

  • Estimating & Tender return support

    This service is particularly useful for growing companies that want to take on bigger projects and need some engineering and estimating support to win work.
    With years of estimating and tendering experience our team can help to give you the best chance of winning projects without having to risk undercutting yourself.

    Tender returns can be particularly daunting if you’re new to them, but we’ve done hundreds over the years and we can use that experience to help you succeed.

  • On -site surveys & inspections

    Sometimes there just no substitute for coming to look at a site and taking some measurements.
    Before any project can be built, it needs to be designed, and before any design work can be done you have to gather accurate information about the build site. Be it fitting solar PV to the roof of your building, or putting a battery storage system in a field, every site is unique and there truly is no better way of planning a build project than by walking the site and carrying out a proper survey. Our experienced engineers can quickly and efficiently gather all the information necessary to design and plan your project right first time. If it’s an existing system that’s causing you concerns, has broken down or you just want someone to take a look, then we offer a range of inspection and testing services to put your mind at ease. Call us now to discuss your issues and we’ll help however we can.

  • Connection Applications

    Almost any generation or building project that you’re planning will need permission from the local DNO/DSO to connect to the Grid before it can be switched on.

    The application process can be very technical and complex, and if you get it wrong you may never be able to switch on, or it may cost a lot more time and money than is necessary.

    Our engineers have handled this process for our clients for years and we can keep everything as simple for you as possible.

  • Detailed Planning Application Drawings

    There are a range of reasons why a project might need planning permission, and if it does then you’ll almost certainly need supporting drawings and design information to support your application.

    That’s where we can help, we can produce a suite of drawings to include in a planning application to ensure that you have the best chance of being granted permission.

  • Solar Photovoltaic System Yield Reports

    Done properly, the energy generated by a Solar PV system should be very predictable, particularly over the long term.

    This is key to figuring out how economically viable a solar system is and with a variety of different methods of estimating Solar PV yield it can be a confusing process.

    We have a great deal of experience in estimating the yield to be expected from Solar PV system, and even monitor a portfolio of system in real time to compare forecasts to actual production.
    If you need to know, with a high degree of confidence, how much energy you’ll generate, talk to us about the range of options we offer.

  • Construction issue designs

    Completion of full installation stage designs, which include the following information.

    Project Simulations for renewable technologies
    MCS compliant yield analysis where appropriate
    System drawings (Site plans, System overview layout, 3D drawings if required, Cable run layouts, Electrical schematics, Equipment detail drawings)
    Financial analysis calculations
    Detailed Electrical Calculations
    Amtech designs
    Full System Design Report
    Balance of Materials
    Document Register

    If you are interested in any of the design services above, please feel free to get in contact with us.
    We can discuss your design requirements and put together a tailored proposal to suit your needs.

  • Electrical System surveying and modelling

    Particularly with older sites where electrical systems have been modified or extended over time, it’s difficult to know how well integrated and safe the whole system is.
    Just because nothing has gone wrong so far doesn’t mean that it never will.
    Are you sure what the cost of electrical system failures will be.
    Would it just be loss of business hours, or could someone get hurt.
    If you’re not sure, then our Electrical surveying and modelling service is what you’ve been looking for. We will carry out a detailed survey and test procedure for your whole electrical system, we will then produce accurate and up to date schematics and drawings for your site and will model the system in Amtech Prodesign to highlight anywhere that your system may not be as safe or resilient as you would like it to be.

Customer Reviews

We have used Poweri for many years for design and technical input on Solar, Battery and generation sites.

They have proven to be very responsive and proactive in suggestions for maximising sites for income and reducing build costs on many many sites.

What more could you ask for from a company.  Plus they are a great team to deal with.

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