Home design with Integrated solar, Tesla battery and EV car charger. Images

Home design with Integrated solar, Tesla battery and EV car charger.

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We installed a ground-mounted integrated solar, Tesla battery and SolarEdge EV car charging system for a detached cottage on a sloping hillside set within the boundaries of a conservation area in the Derby Dales. The client has ordered an all-electric car and wanted the system to help charge it purely from solar generation when possible.

We installed and commissioned the system for the start of September 2019 and later that month the client contacted us to comment:

“Hi Paul.  Just done a meter reading.  We have used one unit of electric in the last 4 weeks!”





The Client.

Our client are a retired professional couple who wanted to be both cleaner and greener for the environment and to be secure against rising energy costs for the future and the risk of power cuts as the UK tries to reduce its carbon footprint. Their desire was for an integrated system that required little or no maintenance but that ideally was not on their roof for both aesthetic and size reasons.






The Challange

With the home being sited in a rural location within the Derby Dales Park area and the client not wanting the panels on the roof, creating a suitable design that would meet Planning Regulations in the Park, be signed off by Western Power for connecting around 11kVA of potential generation on their domestic wiring and met their specific needs from a power perspective was going to be interesting.







Our Approach

We met with the clients on site and surveyed the area making sure to understand the sites location within the specific area for shading purposes and any nearby objects that may cause shade to an array of panels. This was complicated by the fact that we had to make the panels as inobtrusive as possible to be seen by any neighbours but still able to harvest the energy from the sun. We achieved this by making a ground mount install that matched the existing slope of the land just below the car parking area in front of the home. This meant that the panels were not visible from the road nor the house and were tucked in behind a hedge so that the neighbours could not see them. We applied for full planning permission on behalf of the client as part of this process and the Planning Officer who reviewed the case noted:

“ …I think it’s a commendable thing that your client is doing and will be writing it up for approval accordingly.”

Whilst that investigation was ongoing, we looked at the client’s energy bills for the property and discussed their predicted mileage on the electric car and what loads may need to be shifted around the site and at what time of day in order to specify the system.




Finally, we created the whole area including the hill and house, slope, panels and nearby bushes etc in 3D and ran some modelling examples of the site with all the desired system parameters allowed for. We ran the program for shading analysis over a year taking into account the suns path through the sky over each day of the year and simulated the energy flows around the site to ensure that what we had specified did indeed meet their needs in limiting their exposure to increasing energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint whilst still being able to charge their car and reduce any problems with power cuts in the future.








Design & Installation process video

Shading calculation video

Location: Matlock

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Home design with Integrated solar, Tesla battery and EV car charger. Images