Installer gone bust?

Installer gone bust?

Has your solar PV Installer gone bust? – What now?

With Mark Group, Southern Solar and Climate Energy all hitting the headlines as they’ve been placed into administration and, in all likelihood, many more companies could follow, there will be many customers with solar PV systems but nobody to turn to if things stop working. So if you’re unlucky enough to be a customer of such a company, what can you do?

The first thing to be aware of is that, fortunately, Solar PV systems are inherently reliable and all of the companies named above were good companies. But even with the best solar PV systems using the best components, installed to the highest standards, things can occasionally stop working. Faults might be simple to rectify but when a more serious fault develops you’ll need a professional. Unless you’re trained on the installation and maintenance of solar PV systems you should never attempt any repairs yourself. The voltages can be lethal.

Larger commercial systems are more vulnerable to fault than smaller domestic systems simply because there are many more components that could fail. Furthermore the people in the organisation originally responsible for organising the installation(s) often move on to other roles or jobs and so the systems can be forgotten altogether.

With systems of all sizes, if there is nobody keeping an eye on the system and it does stop working for whatever reason, then the financial losses can be significant and the expected investment returns won’t be realised. It therefore pays to ensure your system is monitored.

Poweri can help. We can respond to one-off system faults, undertake system tests and inspections to ensure the system’s in tip-top condition, right through to comprehensive operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts. Those contracts are tailored to what’s appropriate for the size of system. We can take full responsibility for monitoring the system to ensure it continues to perform to its full potential and react quickly if it stops working.

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