With plug-in hybrid car

Mr Sabatowski’s Tesla Powerwall

We installed a new solar system for Mr Sabatowski in October 2015 and as he was keen to reduce his family’s carbon footprint. He was even planning to purchase a plug-in hybrid car so asked us to install an EV charging point for him which we did at the same time.

We knew Mr Sabatowski would be interested in battery storage systems so as soon as we were certified by Tesla Energy for their Powerwall, Mr Sabatowski was keen to be our first customer. There was a long delay in the product arriving in the UK but we eventually installed in March 2016 as one of the very first in the UK.

The Powerwall has useable storage of 6.4kWh which is more than enough for most households through the evening. Consequently Mr Sabatowski has to buy very little electricity anymore and should see a dramatic fall in his bills.

Location: Hinkley

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Mr Sabatowski's Powerwall and solar working together Tesla Powerwall Tesla Powerwall

Testimonial from Customer

Written By: Lukasz Sabatowski

Location: Hinkley

With the installation of our solar panels we’ve been keen to reduce our energy costs as far as we can, and in the same time reduce our CO2 output. When we heard that Tesla has introduced the battery pack, which can store the excess electricity and could almost eliminate our electricity bill we were really excited. As we believe that this could be the future we wanted to play our part in that revolution. We’re convinced these batteries with solar will soon be common place and there will be fewer big power stations as a result.