How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

The key variables that people need to consider are:



  • The output size of the system in kWp (kilowatt peak). E.g. 3.4kWp may be 10 x 340w panels on a roof.
  • The inverter type – string inverter or SolarEdge? The better the system the higher the cost as ever.
  • Ancillaries such as power diverters to heat your hot water tank and maybe batteries if desired.
  • Finally, the fixing type and scaffolding – a slate-roofed 3 storey house will cost more to install to than a concrete tile bungalow as you may imagine.






Allowing for all these variables means that one quote can be very different from another as you may imagine.


Depending on specifics:


A budget system on a bungalow:               £3-4000

A budget system on a house:                      £4-5000

SolarEdge upgrade:                                             £800

Hot water provision:                                            £400

Battery systems from:                                        £2300 upwards.


This is fully fitted including VAT. The reason for the variance is as mentioned above.







So, what does this mean for the UK domestic consumer? Simply put that if you design an appropriate system both in terms of technology and size the householder will use the vast amount of the production and so gain maximum benefit by not buying that power from the grid.

This means that with the reduction in price for a solar panel system over the last few years they are as good in value now as they were when the Feed-In Tariff existed. Most houses will get a full return on investment in around 7 years and achieve 12-15% ROI compared to getting 1% interest a year in the bank.






At Poweri we only employ fully qualified in-house engineers who specialise in their roles, be it design, building services or installation. This is how we can both keep the costs low and make sure that every design is for that customer’s personal benefit – we do not just sell set size systems or bundles.

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