Setting an example – being a leader for change to a Sustainable Future

Setting an example – being a leader for change to a Sustainable Future

In the world of Sustainability there is one quote that is commonly repeated:

“Sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

The reason why I mention this is that I would hope that the sort of person who is looking to install renewable energy and or storage on their property is the person who is doing so to help save the environment, look after the needs of your children and generations to come as the first and foremost driver.



Clearly, solar and batteries are cool tech – although I am slightly biased 😊 – and you do indeed save money and normally make a decent profit as it is a good example of green business in action. The key reason it matters, however, is that people notice what you do and for every person who takes a stand and makes a difference you encourage more people to follow your lead – and the world becomes a bit better… for that, I salute you.

If you are interested in being more sustainable as a person/home/company or would like some more information as to why it is a good thing then read the following.


Alternatively, if you are ready for action then you may be asking what can you do to set an example? An easy method that helps by both saving you money and the environment at the same time is by questioning if you actually need something. If you DO need it can you rent one rather than buy, consume, throw away. If you cannot realistically rent it can you buy one-second hand? If not before you buy it consider if it can be recycled and its environmental impact and choose the best option.

Anyway, I hope that this run through of how to compare battery systems has been of help. Whilst I understand that there is a lot of information here at least it means that you can make your own intelligent choices not just be sold to, therefore avoiding ending up with something that may not meet all your needs.


If you have further questions I am halfway through my MSc degree in Energy and Sustainability and am a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor and Green Deal Assessor whilst my colleague Paul has his MSc in Renewable Systems Design Engineering. Collectively we have worked in the energy industry for around 30 years so we hope to be able to answer all and any questions. Simply fire them to us at or go to the main page on the website and complete the contact box and we will get right back to you.

I hope I have inspired you to want to book in a free survey to install some cool green tech in your home or business so that together we can help build a more sustainable future. Otherwise soon my handsome friend Mr Toad here could become even harder to find – and we wouldn’t want that would we?



Written by John Rowlatt

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