Solar PV Rogue Traders

Solar PV Rogue Traders

Work other firms have completed

Faulty DC Isolator

The DC isolator in the picture was fitted into an external enclosure where the cable entry was through the top of the enclosure and not water tight.

When it rained the water went through the cable entry. The water then went down the DC cables and into the isolator via the compression gland (which was not tighten up) and filled the weather proof isolator up to above the lower terminals sorting them out and causing the damage seen in the photo.

**This fault was not a result of a Poweri Services Ltd installation, however we were called to repair and make safe**

If you find a similar fault, please do not attempt to fix yourself, please call a professional.



Bad Work Example Others Have Completed

Poor Connections

The two photo’s at the side show what can happen when cable are not connected securely and arching starts to happen.



Examples of bad work others have completed

The DC cables have been run above the tile from the Solar array to the Solar Inverter. Tiles had been used to trap the cable which over time would have damaged the cable.



An example of bad work others have completed

The two photo’s above where taken at a property in Warwickshire. This is a rosemary tiled roof, the installer has fitted a 2mm thick fibre board between the tile as a weather proofing. As you can see these boards are to thick and are causing the rosemary tiles above and below to break. The fibre board’s where removed and flashing was used to provide the weather proofing required.



Examples of bad work others have completed

The two photo’s above where taken at a property in Northampton. When the roof hook was installed the install team damaged the felt and also broke the roof tile which was three rows of tiles above the hole in the felt. When it rained the water came in through the tile and travel down the felt until it came to the hole in the felt and into the house causing damage to the bedroom ceiling below.


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