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Want advice on selecting the best clean energy system for you? A Poweri expert can visit you at home and discuss the possibilities to arrive at a tailored solution, all with no obligation.

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Done your research and know what size solar system is best for you? Our Webshop offers the most cost effective, simple, quick and easy way to buy a professionally installed system.

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Every house is different and every family is also different in terms of how much, and when, energy is used. Added to the wide range of solar products and ancillaries available it can be difficult to work out exactly what’s best.

Our expert will endeavour to understand your home and lifestyle to work out exactly the best system for you: not too big or too small and intelligently combined with “best in class” complementary energy management products. With a wider range of products to choose from than available in our Webshop, we’re confident our bespoke service will give you the best long-term value and return from your tailored installation. Due to the personalised nature of this service, and true expertise is never free, this route is more expensive than our Webshop but still competitive when compared to other solar companies. To read a little more about what makes us better than our competitors and see some testimonials please click here.

This consultation service is only available in the following counties: Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

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We believe our Webshop to be a ground-breaking new way to buy solar. If you know the size of system that will fit (we can explain how to work that out) we can drive down our costs so you get better value.

In our Webshop you simply select three things: system size, type of roof access required and type of rooftiles and that’s it! Using high quality all-black modules from Solar Frontier (which look terrific) and German-made inverters from Steca this is not a low-specification system either. We think you’ll be impressed by the quality and price.

We’ll still undertake a technical survey though so if the system you select is not feasible, or simply won’t fit, then we’ll give you a full “no-quibble” refund of your modest deposit.

Remember though, if you’d prefer to work with an expert to design your system with you then we’d recommend our consultative approach.

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