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Commercial Solar Made Easy

Commercial Solar Made Easy

Solar panels have already helped thousands of UK businesses reduce their carbon emissions & energy costs whilst increasing their energy security.

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There is an ever-increasing pressure on businesses across the supply chain to decarbonise. An on-site solar PV system is a cost-effective and well-tested method of achieving both carbon reductions and reducing energy costs.

Poweri services have installed hundreds of Solar PV systems onto non-domestic buildings across the country and we can provide you with a first-class system, turnkey delivered to the highest standards of design, construction with ongoing care options if desired.

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Customer Reviews

Poweri have been incredibly professional in the way they have undertaken this project.  They have delivered in a timely way throughout  duration of the project, keeping to their original budget.  Poweri worked very well with all the other contractors on site and they have supported us enormously with all the OFGEM paperwork.  The project was a huge project for us, but we always knew we could rely on Poweri, particularly at critical points.

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